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Film Credits for Lindsay Greenbush

Film Credits for Sidney Greenbush

Sidney Robyn Bush (aka Greenbush) was born May 25, 1970 three minutes after her twin sister Rachel Lindsay. Born in the center of Hollywood to an acting family, the girls seemed destined for a career in entertainment. At two years of age the twins career would be launched, and they would never look back.

In 1972, Sidney and Lindsay were hired by Director Joseph Seargent to play the role of “Jill” in the movie Sunshine. The girls would be hired because they were twins but their willingness to work and take direction would make their careers. Having twins on a set made filming easier since twice as many hours could be covered. This was not a normal practice back in the 70's and would be something the Greenbush twins would practically pioneer and make into a Hollywood staple making room for other stars such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Joseph Seargent adored the twins, and when he heard that Michael Landon was looking for a child to play his youngest daughter in the TV adapted version of Little House on The Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder, he immediately referred the twins to Michael Landon. An interview was set up, and the twins were brought in to Landon’s office. When the twins arrived it was requested by Landon that they interview without their mother present in the room. This was allowed, and the twins were sent into the interview alone. Landon was immediately impressed with how the twins felt comfortable in new surroundings and with complete strangers. They did not seem distressed at all by being separate from their mother. This was an important test to see how the twins would react before filming. This trait in the twins personality would follow them and further launch their careers.

At the age if three the Greenbush twins were hired and filming for the pilot began in the summer of 1973. The made for TV-movie aired on NBC later that same year. The pilot had such high ratings that NBC decided to make it into a weekly television series. In 1974, Little House on the Prairie became a staple of weekly viewing all across America instantly shooting the twins to celebrity status. Now, they were one of the most sought after child stars in Hollywood.

During the nine-year run of the series, the twins did numerous commercials for companies such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Madri Gra, Doublemint Gum, Mattel, and various others. They were even the spokes persons for Hallmark representing the Raggedy Ann & Andy table decorations for Valentines Day. They also did multiple television, and radio interviews along with charity events and awards dinners. They continuously showed how they could handle being in the lime light and public speaking engagements.

After the show ended, the twins continued to go on interviews but found that they were competing to much with each other after being told by a casting agent that they didn’t want to have to choose between the two girls. At that point the twins decided not to go on the same interviews. Sidney landed a role in the children’s movie Hambone & Hille. Sidney would co-star with Alan Hale, Jr. who played the “Skipper” on the famed Gilligan’s Island. Lindsay would appear opposite Lee Horsley in an episode of Matt Houston about teenage prostitution.

With the twins now being sixteen years of age, it was getting increasingly harder to land jobs. The industry liked to hire Actors over 18 who appeared young, such as Michael J. Fox in Family Ties, to get around the child labor laws and social workers that are required. At this point the twins decided to take a break and concentrate on graduation and college. Sidney missed acting and tried out for a part in her High School Drama department play. She was cast as three different characters in the play The Life and Times of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens. The high school’s version was condensed to eight hours and was sold out every night.

Both Sidney and Lindsay still receive fan mail from the show. In 2003 the Web site www.greenbushtwins.com was created to help keep the fans informed of appearances and projects that the girls were working on. The girls have made several public appearances both together and separate and continue to show their skill and speaking ability in front of large groups.

In 2005, the twins were invited to appear at the National Homestead Monument in Beatrice Nebraska along with other cast members. There were autograph signing sessions along with open Question and Answer forums. This event was recorded as the highest attended function ever at the monument.

In February of 2007, Sidney appeared at the Horse Affairs in Boise Idaho. There she did several Television and radio interviews including one on the local news. Sidney also recorded sound bites for their advertising campaign and held several open format Question and Answer sessions with attendees. In the evening, Sidney was the Co-Master of ceremonies for their Night of The Horse Event.

Today, Sidney enjoys being out in the public and talking with fans about personal experiences or products she has used both professional and personally. She is an excellent representative and spokes person. Sidney now spends her days traveling to different places either to meet with fans or work in her mobile booth. Sidney still loves giving lectures or answering questions for fans, and fans are always welcome to email her directly from the Web site.