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What's New with Lindsay and Sidney!

Attn Fans! - Lindsay and Sidney have started working on their first book that will feature never before seen pictures of them and their family and lots of other cool info. They have a publisher now and they ask that if you would like to be notified when the book is ready if  you could  send your name and mailing address or email to SRGreenbush@aol.com,  so they can compile a mailing list for the new book.

12/5/08 - Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush were featured in a television news story while attending Holy Terror Days in Keystone, South Dakota on September 5, 2008. To see the video please click here.

11/27/08 - Public radio station WWUH 91.3 FM will be airing their interviews with Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush (NBC, Carrie Ingalls) on December 5th & 12th, 2008. The interviews will start during their morning show which begins at 5:30 am EST and can be heard streamed live over the internet on the radio station website located at http://www.wwuh.org/. Follow the link located at the top of the Home page labeled LISTEN. For those of you who are not up that early and would like a copy of the interviews, please contact that Web site.

11/27/08 - Today's Horse, a magazine headquartered in South Dakota, featured a story on Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush in their November 2008 issue. The topics covered in the story included memories of working on "Little House on the Prairie" as well as their current interests and activities. Copies of the magazine can be found in your local library or you can request a copy be sent to you by contacting that Web site.

8/7/08 - An interview with Lindsay Greenbush from Mankato can be downloaded at the following link: Part 1, Part 2 (MP3 Files)

8/7/08 - Lindsay Greenbush will make an appearance in Simi Valley, California, at Strathearn Historical Park as part of Pioneer History Day being held on August 23, 2008, sponsored by the Simi Valley Historical Society and the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce. She will be available for autographs, pictures and will be holding a Question & Answer session that will give fans the opportunity to hear what it was like behind the scenes of “Little House on the Prairie.”

7/26/08 - Lindsay Greenbush throws out first pitch at Mankato MoonDogs game on July 20, 2008. Click here to watch.

7/22/08 - Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush will be making an appearance at the Holy Terror Days the weekend of September 5-7, 2008, in Keystone, South Dakota. This is an annual event which is sponsored by the Keystone Historical Society and includes memorabilia and locations related to the time that Carrie Ingalls lived in that area during her adult years and her connection, through her husband, to the naming and construction of Mount Rushmore. Lindsay and Sidney will be available for pictures and autograph signings and will be participating in many of the events that are being planned during that weekend including a parade, ice cream social and family festival. If any of you are in the area that weekend, here is your chance to meet Lindsay and Sidney in person!

1/3/08 - Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush will be making an appearance at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Days on July 19, 2008, in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. This is an annual event which is sponsored by the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and includes some of the actual homestead locations and memorabilia related to the time that Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family lived in that area in the late 1800's. Lindsay and Sidney will be available for pictures and autograph signings and will be participating in many of the events that are being planned that day. If any of you are in the area that weekend, here is your chance to meet Sidney and Lindsay in person!

12/1/07 - Rachel Lindsay Greenbush has launched her very own MySpace page! Rachel would love all her fans to visit her on MySpace at www.myspace.com/rachellindsaygreenbush.

11/20/07 - Rachel Lindsay Greenbush will be appearing on a southern California radio show titled "Real Radio, Real Women" (KVTA AM 1520). Air date to be announced.

1/28/07 -Sidney's page has been updated with new content and new pictures! Check it out!

1/11/07 -Sidney Greenbush, Actress, Champion Barrel Racer, and trainer will be appearing at the 2007 Horse Affairs show to meet fans, sign autographs and will be participating in the celebrity cutting on Feb. 16, 17, 18 in Boise, Idaho. For more information on the Horse Affairs show visit horseaffairs.com

12/05/06 - Lindsay Greenbush has donated items for the Melissa Gilbert and OurStoryTM Celebrity Charity Auction which will allow fans to bid on autographed and one-of-a-kind items on eBay. To bid, on an item click here.

6/2/06 - Sidney Greenbush has opened a new store "Totally Western" specializing in western wear. If you would like to purchase a item from Sidney's store visit the following links: www.twistedxboots.com www.eroper.com www.diamondcutjeans.com  (Sidney has in stock what you see on those sites) find what you are looking for and contact "Totally Western" at (559) 635-2884 to place your order, or email Sidney directly at SRGreenbush@aol.com.

3/20/06 - Greenbush Twins fans, Allison and Shannon have created a beautiful fan music video featuring the song "Caroline" by Seventh Day Slumber featuring the relationship of Caroline and baby Carrie from "Little House." Click here to watch and download the video. Windows Media Player is required on your computer to view. Have any fan art or fan videos related to the Greenbush Twins that you would like to submit and have it featured on this Web site? Email your work to lennon@prairiefans.com.

9/25/05 - Lindsay Greenbush is featured in the October 3rd 2005 edition of Globe magazine. Lindsay is featured in the "Where Are They Now" section. Globe is available at newsstands or you can read the article online by clicking here (PDF).

9/20/05 - Sidney Greenbush below in a cutting in Wilton, California.

8/11/05 - A recent photo of Lindsay Greenbush and Brian Part from the Tombstone, Little House on the Prairie reunion is being featured on Brian Part's Official Web site. Also, a photo of Brian and his wife Melody Part and Lindsay and Melissa Gilbert are posted too. Brian Part was Carl Sanderson Edwards on Little House. Click here to visit Brian Part's Official Web site to view these pictures.

7/19/05 - Recently, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush appeared at the Nebraska Little House on the Prairie Reunion in Beatrice. Little House fan, Carl Monin and his wife attended this event and shared the following pictures below. If you would like purchase copies from this event click here. Carl has several pictures from this event for sale at for very reasonable prices.


7/18/05 - New look on Web site. Tell us what you think on the Fan Forum!

7/18/05 - From cute kids to lovely ladies, Annika has captured the twins through the years with this beautiful collage below.

3/14/05 - New fan mail address has been posted for Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush.

12/31/04 - Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush will be appearing on June 18-19 at the Homestead National Monument of America in Beatrice, Nebraska.

9/04/04 - Spend this Labor Day with Little House on the Prairie!
This Labor Day, September 6, 2004 the Hallmark Channel will be having a Little House on the Prairie marathon. To view the episodes that will be airing click here. That same link will also give you times you can catch Little House on TV throughout the current month.

8/29/04 - New Matt Houston pictures of Lindsay added. See Pictures.

8/22/04 - According to a few cast members there is "Talk" of a public reunion in June of 2005. Dates, times and locations will be announced at a later date.

7/23/04 - Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush would like to encourage you to help Kelli Jaunsen a 20-year-old girl who lives in Palm Desert, CA who is in desperate need of a heart and liver transplant. Because she has 2 failing organs, her insurance company has refused to pay for the life-saving operation. To make a donation to this young lady visit www.eccoblue.org.

4/11/04- Over 20 new and never before seen images have been added to the gallery. Visit the following area's on this website to view the new images. Growing Up, Little House and Personal images.

3/1/04 - Check out the photo gallery on this website. Over 25 pictures added! Some personal and some never before seen!

2/15/04 - You wont believe it! Carrie has gone rock! Here's a picture of Lindsay Greenbush with Ozzie  Osbourne. What would Pa think? :-)

2/12/04 - Mercantile updated with new products and collection page updated.

1/30/04 - Autograph photos hand signed by Lindsay and Sidney are now available for purchase in the mercantile.

1/25/04 - Special thanks to Brian Hungate of jodiesweetin.net for sending in these beautiful colorizations of Lindsay and Sidney.


"I think that its pretty cool!" --Lindsay Greenbush

"That is really cool." --Sidney Greenbush

1/25/04 - New personal photo of the girls and Alison Arngrim posted in the Photo Gallery.

1/23/04 - Check out Lindsay and Sidney's eBay auction. Up for sale is an autographed script hand signed by both girls. The script was used for the 5th season episode "The Godsisters." If you would like to bid on this auction click here.

12/13/03 - Lindsay speaks out against horse abuse on the www.rescuenetwork.com website. Click here to read Lindsay's comments.

12/12/03 - Fun page added. Test your Greenbush Twin knowledge. Click here to visit.

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