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Jonathan Gilbert (Willie Oleson)


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Jonathan Gilbert was born July 10, 1968 to Barbara and Paul Gilbert. His sister in real life is half pint herself, Melissa Gilbert. Jonathan is the best known as cute and funny Willie Oleson from the "Little House on the Prairie" popular series.

His acting talent wasn't the only thing taken into consideration during casting. Gilbert has received his role because his elder sister Melissa had already gotten another (Laura Ingalls)! Jonathan has only played in the "Little House" series, four "Little House" TV-movies and "The Miracle Worker" TV-movie (also with Melissa), though he has never official given up on acting!

Today he lives in New York and works as stock broker. According to Melissa, he is doing very well.

UPDATE: 11/03 -- Alison Arngrim gave fans an update on Jonathan on her Web site. Below are her comments.

"Now Willie (Jonathan Gilbert), is a little more difficult, his own sister Melissa, has trouble keeping track of him. (That's right. "Laura" and "Willie" are real life brother and sister.) He was stockbroker in New York for a while, but at last call that I heard, had become a Buddhist and was doing marvelous things for the poor in Africa and Central America. Go figure. I always said he was a good boy, really."